RUBRICORE – How to get an instant loan? Sometimes, you just need money urgently while there is not an adequate amount in your bank account. Unexpected events like the decline of a family member’s health, children’s tuition, financial help for business, and others are examples of why you need money as soon as possible. That’s why it is reasonable if you may need an instant loan. So, where can you get an instant loan safely? Here they are.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is a type of loan you can get from the bank without providing any guarantee. This method is indeed considered more unsecured compared with other loans available in banks. But if you need money instantly, it is just helpful.

Meanwhile, the loan also brings some more benefits such as payment deadlines and interests that tend to be more flexible. Of course, there must be terms and conditions to understand before deciding to take it. Even in an urgent situation, make sure to learn about it for your own safety.


This is one of the oldest methods to make a loan fast with low risk. Pawnshops bring you some money you need with a guarantee. If you have valuable assets such as cars, jewelry, house, land, and others, you can lend them for a while to get the money. Even for a smaller value, you can guarantee things like a smartphone or laptop.

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Next, you must pay the money based on the deadline that has been dealt with before. It is possible to pay it with installment or directly pay the borrowed money off. Sure, after paying off the debt, you can get your assets back. So, how is if you cannot pay the debt on time? The pawnshop may bring you some more time for this. But if there is a sign of you paying off the debt, you must say goodbye to your asset.

Online Loans

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In this digital era, online loans are indeed solutions for anyone who needs money urgently. It can lend the money in less than an hour as long as your credit point is good. However, make sure to go to only trusted and credible instant online loan that has been registered to the financial service authority. It is to prevent you from problems such as super-high interest or fraud.

Make sure also to not skip reading terms and conditions given. If there is something you don’t understand, ask it the customer service before deciding to click the button and get the money from this type of instant loan.

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