RUBRICORE – You just got involved in a car accident. Now, you are in the middle of the process of dealing with that. You have car insurance. However, before you use it to get the coverage and claim, you may have to explain it to the car insurance companies that issued that insurance. Here, we will help you to learn more about what you should not say to them. Why? They can use what you said to deny your claim and even sue you.

  1. Do Not Say Anything Right After the Accident – You are still in shock and confused condition. There is a possibility that you say something wrong that gives you a disadvantage.
  2. Do Not Admit Any Fault that You Think You or Other People Have Done – Tell the company about the accident without giving any opinion about who is wrong in that accident.
  3. Do Not Say You Have No Injury – Even though you feel great after the accident, never said that you are uninjured. The injury may come later, so if it happens, you can’t get the auto insurance claim that you need.
  4. Do Not Give Any Recorded or Official Statement – It can attack you back. If you want to give the statement, make sure you consult with your attorney, so you know what you have to say to the car insurance companies.
  5. Do Not Make Any Settlement Without Consulting with Your Attorney – Do not accept any offers for settlement that the other parties offered to you. It could be below the real value that you should accept for the damage you received. Therefore, consult with the attorney to see whether the car accident settlement is reasonable and matches your loss.
  6. Only Tell the Fact – Do not try to give an opinion to a question that you don’t know its answer to. It can cover the fact that gives you more advantages.
  7. Do Not Allow Access to Your Medical Record – The auto insurance company could use the information they found in your medical record to deny the claim.
  8. Do Not Give Any Names of Others – Make sure you protect your and other people’s privacy. Do not give your family member or doctor’s name that you have consulted related to the accident.
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We believe this information will help you to get the claim and the best result from your insurance. Make sure you follow those. More importantly, you must hire an attorney when you confront the car insurance companies.

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